Living Vegan with Dapper Rapper Reezie Roc

The Vegan lifestyle has been rising high since the pandemic. Now, hip hop artists have been joining the community. Including the Dappest Rapper we know; Reezie Roc.

Amongst the many millions of our meat-eating human population there is a growing amount that have been adjusting to veganism. When most think of vegans, what do you think comes to mind as appearance goes? I bet none where hip hop artists aka trappers (got ya!). That’s right, the Hip Hop community is changing the way they eat. Not just your yoga masters, actually hardcore rapping artists as well. From Wu-Tang Clan to Reezie Roc from “The Met” (a.k.a. Columbia, SC).

LIKE A STAR – By MC S. NEEDS ft. Reezie Roc & Karlèh

Vegans are showing us how the Hip Hop Family as a whole. Some are meat-eaters, others are not. Reezie Roc is opting-out, heavy. We mean business heavy. Amongst his many titles, adding Vegan Counselor is one with pride. Taking his ventures farther. We hit him up about his vegan lifestyle and this is what he replied:

What’s good world, am DAPPER RAPPER  “REEZIE ROC ” AND I AM A VEGAN , Well to some I’m not a vegan because I enjoy Honey but dats an argument for another day.

A lot of people would like to know why I decided to go vegan , study shows that the human body wasn’t designed to do so , so I test that study an it was one of the best changes in my life , once I cut out meat , high fructose and dairy out of my normal diet I lost weight in the right places, look and feel great,

I remember getting so overweight for my height until my ankles would hurt when I wake up , now when I get ready for photo or video shoots the change in my physique enhanced my Dapper.

If u would like any coaching or tips an would like to look and feel dapper as I do Hit me up on Facebook on my page ( Alkaline with Reezie ). Remember Health is the Real Wealth.

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