Reezie Roc – “Taylormade” (Official Video)

The South Carolina Don, Reezie Roc, drops a new video.

The man who’s music keeps elevating just dropped another classic entitled “Taylormade.” Following his Cigar Music release, Reezie keeps giving us more grown ish videos.

The fashion style is definitely elegant & sophisticated. His latest release was directed by none other than Inner Eye Visions. The clothing on the video makes you want to get ready for a Presidential Ball (E-Yay!). Countless albums and mixtapes later, “Taylormade” gives you a sense of growth from Reezie Roc. This is a must-watch video.

I feel like Martin Luther cuz I had a dream, My first look in the mirror I knew I was a king.

– Reezie Roc on “Martin”

You can follow Reezie Roc on all his social media @reezieroc.

Watch “Taylormade” here on Neffwork.

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