Mercie Releases ‘Toxic Summer’ EP

The Lou has an emerging star rising at top speeds by the name of Mercie.

Demier Sutton, aka Mercie, has been non-stop doing shows all across the south with singles from his album ‘Toxic Summer.‘ Besides dropping 2 videos for the project, he is linking up with top heavy industry insiders to push him to the next level. We recently neffworked with Mercie in the Carolinas, during one of his tour stops. We can see the ambition pouring from his stage presence.

Mercie performs “Stuck N The Dirt” from his album ‘Toxic Summer’

The young artist has a love for music and women. Which goes hand-in-hand in the music industry. We took a listen to the album and we had to replay it a few times, our favorite track was “Toxic.” Mercie is now heading to the westcoast to make his presence bigger. With photoshoots scheduled, more music videos in the works, a few remixes, and more shows; Mercie is showing no mercy to the industry. His takeover plans are stating to unravel. Follow Mercie on Instagram & listen to Toxic Summer!

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