Idol in the Making: Taniya Boatwright

The Myrtle Beach High School student, Taniya Boatwright shines on the tryouts of American Idol Season 20. At the young age of 17 yrs, she is demonstrating just how well-season her falsetto voice is. But one thing that was pointed out by Katy Perry, is the power she is holding back. Taniya performed ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke, which was received with high praises on social media.

The votes came 2-1 but ALL three judges want Taniya Boatwright to return to the show. She is fresh on the block but isn’t a freshman. The High School Senior plans on working on reaching her inner voice power as told by the great Luke Bryant. Once she finds that BIG PUNCH, we feel that the audience will be knockout. Twitter went crazy when she didn’t win the famous golden ticket. Although she didn’t advance, the legend himself sends an encouragement tweet. We all have an eye on you Taniya.

The Legend has Tweeted!

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