Philly Artist, NightxVision, journeys into “Mountains”

Philadelphia is known for producing major talented artists and NightxVision is right behind. The hipster shares a different vision for the city of Brotherly Love. Philly may be on in the news for the wrong reasons but that is not stopping NighxVision from showing a more positive side of it. He chooses to heal and show will power with his music.

Embark on a mellow expedition with NightxVision with his new music video ‘Mountains’ (directed by the brilliant CLOUD) is a captivating journey. Experience the raw, atmospheric beauty of NightxVision’s crafted soundscapes, as he takes you on an unforgettable musical adventure. Listen to his flow with the slopes of his vocals as he takes you up & down his “Mountain.” Follow NighxVision on Instagram.

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